Delicious dishes cooked by chef.

Please enjoy Cafe SeaRay's original menu with your family, friend and lover.



We can arrange the suitable seat depends on the number of people. You can choose us for not only a small drinking party with several people, but also big party, such as after wedding party, or company's events. You can enjoy party with 50 seats or 100 people standing.

When your party is held by more than 10 people, we prepare private party and some benefits for you. Please have fun with your fellow.

There are  two party plans as below:

*15 dishes/ ¥3,500 (including all-you-can-drink)

*20 dishes/ ¥4,000(including all-you-can-drink)


SeaRay got the latest projector set when the renewal in December 2019. It is a reliable new item that will make your time even more exciting!

If you use it to project movies and slideshows, your thoughts and messages are introduced to the entire guest. At the time of a private party, it can be borrowed free of charge with a mic.

If you want to preview the projector before the party, you can check of the projector.
* If you want to check the operation of the projector before party,
please contact us once in advance. We have to pay attention to customers on that time.