about searay        


The sea and mountains seen through the window,

delicious food, fresh drinks and sweets.
We would like to create a good space

for everyone, from adults to children.

To be a place that will be remembered by each customer,
we got renewal in December 2019.

From now on, we want to continue to be the place

that fit with each lifestyle.



SeaRay has private parking.
The nearest station is JR “Bizentai”.
From there, it is a 15-minute by bus and foot,

and a 10-minute by taxi.
(The nearest bus stop is Oyabu)

There is also a bus from JR “Uno”,
one of the starting points of the Setouchi Triennale.

If you can get on the bus from bus stop in front of the station,
you can arrive at SeaRay in about 15 minutes.

When you want to enjoy a whole of Setouchi area,
Please come to SeaRay.